Restoration Package

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Hair Care Restoration
Restoration Package
Restoration Package

A nutrient-rich moisturizing grease for the scalp and an oil sheen will restore and revitalize your natural hair.

This package includes:

1.) Healthy Scalp Salve 

  • Made with Jojoba Oil.
  • Light scalp pomade without added weight.
  • Tested on all hair textures.
  • Builds elasticity and strengthens your hair shaft.
  • Moisturizes and conditions the scalp
  • Softens & soothes the scalp for optimal hair restoration.
Instructions: Apply lightly to scalp and hair as needed.A nutrient-rich moisturizing grease for the scalp and an oil sheen make room for your hair to fully repair.


2.) Eb'onee Shine 

  • Uniquely formulated to provide an ultimate shine for natural hair.
  • Minimal weight for easy styling and hold.
  • Nutrient-rich ingredients for optimal restoration & repair.
  • Tested on all textures & styles.
  • Builds elasticity with continued use.
  • Softens & strengthens your natural hair. 

Instructions: Simply mist lightly onto hair after style is complete.



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